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Genomic Studies in the Mammalian Ovary - Message from the Guest Editors


Genomic analyses have accelerated the identification of relevant biomarkers and extended our understanding of the molecular biology of the mammalian ovary. More specifically, genomic studies have been used to gain new knowledge about the dynamics of ovarian structures like follicles and the corpora lutea, and about pathologies like ovarian cancer or ovarian cysts.

Therefore, genomics are currently a useful tool not only for basic research, but are also commonly used in preclinical and clinical studies. It is hoped that high-throughput genomic analyses will enable a more rational and personalized treatment of ovarian disorders. With the help of gene expression profiling, key gene signatures or signaling pathways can be identified to create clinically relevant diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. This Special Issue of Genes on “Genomic Studies in the Mammalian Ovary” will address the expression changes and genomic alterations in the mammalian ovary, including physiological and pathological circumstances of all cell and tissue types. Herein, an overview of recent investigations and critical perspectives on upcoming challenges will be provided.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief Genes are central to our understanding of biology, and modern advances such as genomics and genome editing have maintained genetics as a vibrant, diverse and fastmoving field. There is a need for good quality, open access journals in this area, and the Genes team aims to provide expert manuscript handling, serious peer review, and rapid publication across the whole discipline of genetics. Starting in 2010, the journal is now well established and recognised. Why not considerGenes for your next genetics paper?

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